Intraresource Funds Recovery Company

Get your Money Back Regardless of Fraud Type

We help you recover your lost funds through our Private Investigation and Funds Recovery System.

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Recommended Private Investigation Company

Regardless of Fraud Type

“We have maintained a Reputation for Successful Recovery of Funds, we have worked on different kinds of fraud, Advanced Fee, Phishing, Investment Scam or Information Compromise”

Information Compromise Funds Recovery

“We really didn't know what happened and exactly how it Happened, however Intraresource did a perfect job in helping us recover $3 million dollars stolen from our company by some fraudsters”

Rebecca Henderson, CEO at Randstad Sourceright

Our Unique Services

Funds Recovery - We help you locate fraudsters and recover funds lost to scam totally, we hire legal practitioners who work with legal authority to help prosecute appropriately and get the money back, our technological expert use tools to trace their digital print and get their wallet providers for fraud refund. We execute all sort of chargebacks and recover any type of wealth/resource lost via internet scams and fraud, mining scam, hashing scam, crypto scam, forex scam, investment scam, exchange scam etc.

Private Investigation - We engage in all forms of Private Investigation and help you get all the exact information you are interested in.

Protection against Fraud - We help protect you against all forms of fraud, and help you make background check on companies if they are legitimate or not. We caution you against unforeseen dangers etc.

Cyber Security - We help secure your system against malwares and ransomeware in a way that keeps you safe at all times..


Our Happy Clients

Our all-in-one Private Investigation and Funds Recovery Company has done well in Helping us Recover Quite a Lot of Funds; all this happy faces were once victims of unexpected fraud which costed some fortune which we helped recover totally

Mike Klein

$750,000 Recovered

John Boris

$1.1 million Recovered

Rebecca Henderson

$3 million Recovered

Justin Asher

$470,000 Recovered